Do you want dip your toes in, and find out what JCI is all about? Use our micro-volunteering opportunities!

What is a micro-volunteer?

If you are one of our micro volunteers, you can choose to work on some tasks that are part of a larger project. Unlike normal volunteering the tasks you work on take only minutes to a few hours, and you are not making a long term commitment. Hence it’s perfect to find out whether JCI is right for you.

How do I get started?

Look at the opportunities mentioned below, and check whether there’s one or more that tickle your interest. Then just send an email to [email protected], and we’ll get you started and give you the support you need to bring your micro-volunteering opportunity to a good end.

I have another great idea

We love to hear your ideas. Drop an email to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you to help to transform the idea into reality.

Micro-volunteering Opportunities

Book club: books/articles/podcasts and facilitating

We are organising a book club once a month where we discuss interesting (mostly personal development) books, articles, podcasts, or blog posts. We’d love to hear which ones had the most impact on your life or your thinking, so we can share the good word.

As an additional challenge, you can volunteer to facilitate the book club when the book/article of your choice is discussed. We will provide a safe environment, help, and feedback, to help you to become better.

CEO Panel

This year we’ll organise a second edition of our successful CEO panel. It’s a big project, but it nicely splits up into several small tasks

  • Finding a theme
  • Finding CEOs to contact
  • Contacting CEOs
  • Finding a location
  • Finding sponsoring
  • Finding partners

Design a logo for one of our events

Do you like working with images? Then you can be a helper and design logos that will be used in the promotion of our upcoming events.

Conversation dinner networking

It’s networking, but with a twist.

You won’t just be dropped in a group of people to mention your name and profession. Instead you’ll be given a conversation menu of topics to discuss, to foster meaningful conversations that go beyond the platitudes, allowing you to create new quality connections.


  • Brainstorming the concept
  • Contacting networking organisations
  • Coming up with good conversation topics
  • Finding a location

Organise a workshop

Could you deliver a workshop for us, or do you know someone who would be happy to deliver one? We’ll provide a venue, promotion, and drink & nibbles.

Write a blog post

Did you enjoy one of our events?

Has a workshop had an impact on your life?

Why not write a blog post about it, and tell others about your experience?

We’ll take care of the editing and the publishing.