The ‘brain-pocket’ relationship – How does your mindset affect your financial situation?

The ‘brain-pocket’ relationship – How does your mindset affect your financial situation?

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Date(s) - Thursday, 21st February 2019
18:30 - 21:00

Eversheds Sutherland, Kett House


In the last decade money has gradually become one of the biggest stressors in British society, and one’s financial situation correlates directly with one’s physical and mental health. So much so that there is a startling 52% difference in wellbeing between the most and least financially confident people in society.


Whether you want to earn more, spend less or just be more organised and intentional about money, one thing can make all the difference to your efforts: the way you think about money.


Join JCI Cambridge for the financial workshop of the year, which will help you identify the beliefs you have about money and their influence, positive or negative, on the actions you take in order to improve your financial situation. Through a series of exercises and group work, our speaker Alisa will guide you on this journey of awareness meant to uncover these beliefs in a caring, non-judgemental way. At the end of the evening, you will be more aware of your beliefs and can intentionally start to think about altering or replacing those beliefs which do not align with your financial goals.


About your workshop leader

Alisa Barcan is a Chartered Accountant and Financial Coach who helps people demystify the numbers and re-write their £inancial stories. She works with young professionals on personal money management and with business owners to help them improve the financial situation of their businesses. You can find Alisa on LinkedIn.



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  • 7:00 pm Workshop
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