Demystifying Entrepreneurship at the JCI UK Business Academy

Demystifying Entrepreneurship at the JCI UK Business Academy

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Being your own boss and running your own business sounds like a great idea, as it looks like an amazing opportunity to use your unique skill set to directly impact other people’s lives and make a change in the community. However, it’s also incredibly daunting: I don’t know what’s involved or even how to get started. So it was with a whole heap of curiosity and enthusiasm – but lacking anything resembling a business plan – that I arrived on a sunny Saturday morning at JCI UK’s Business Academy, ready to learn from our resident experts: Ben Hawley and David Khanna.

It was clear from the outset that I was firmly in the “not even started” stage of my entrepreneurial journey, so it looked like my first port of call would be developing my business plan. To do this, I needed to find my “why?”: what I find important, what might help me to grow and develop, and how I might be able to impact the lives of others. In my case, I knew I wanted to help others reach their goals – giving them a good kick up the butt if needs be.

With my “why” set and front of mind, Ben and David guided us through the step by step process of fleshing out our business plans, giving us individual advice as we went. While this was incredibly useful, it was the other participants that made this academy so interesting. We all had different backgrounds, we all had separate ideas and wanted to do different things, but we all had that same enthusiasm to venture out of our comfort zone and that same desire to make the world a better, more fun, more relaxing and more efficient place. The energy of the room was contagious, and it helped to spur us on even further – to come up with new ideas, to pursue our passions.

As the weekend wrapped up, I was really grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this academy, as it helped to demystify the process of starting a business. Most excitingly, it gave me the idea for a side project that allows me to expand on my technical skills which, one day, might morph into something bigger.

Watch this space.

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