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Membership Fees

Membership is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 40. We offer 3 types of membership:

  • Individual Membership - £120 a year (paid annually, or as a monthly £10 direct debit)
  • Student Membership   - £50 a year (paid annually, or as a quarterly £12.50 direct debit) - Applies to full time students only
  • Corporate Membership - Please contact us to find out more information


11 things you will do as a member of JCI UK:

  1. You'll broaden your network of contacts
  2. You get the chance to give back to your community through taking part in JCI projects
  3. You'll go to seminars you never would get access to if it wasn't for JCI
  4. By practice you'll develop your leadership and management skills
  5. Get a chance to practice public speaking and debating in a safe environment
  6. Meet people from all over the world at JCI's conferences
  7. Discover your potential and what makes you tick
  8. Expose yourself for new challenges
  9. Have fun and meet new people
  10. Get a great dose of positive energy
  11. You'll get heavily discounted training and personal development opportunities.

Join us today by completing this form