Official JCI courses

These worldwide half-day courses from our headquarters in the US are for those interested in learning more about JCI, getting involved in leading a chamber and developing skills to make the most out of their JCI membership. The courses include:

JCI Admin

Introduces all prospective leaders to the structure of a local board and the ‘nuts-and-bolts' of running of a successful chamber.

JCI Achieve

This course helps all members to understand the purpose of JCI, exploring the Vision, Mission and Values and activities available to JCI members. 

JCI Impact

Being an active citizen is core to being a JCI member and JCI Impact teaches members how to analyse community needs to ensure they create sustainable solutions and lasting positive change in their communities.

JCI Corporate Social Responsibility

Explores JCI’s commitment to social, environment and human rights issues (JCI is committed to the UN Global Compact 10 Principles).

JCI Networking

For anyone who wants to take full advantage of the networking potential offered by the huge international JCI network of current members and alumni.