General informal training

Each local junior chamber organizes a full and varied programme of bite-sized business training seminars and other events. Some of these help you develop your existing skills. Others will teach you basic business skills that you may not have got from formal education. You can also suggest ideas for training events and invite external trainers.

Informal training with JCI offers:

  • seminars and workshops on ‘soft’ professional skills, for example public speaking, communication skills for business, debating, leadership, business presentation skills, business networking skills, interviewing, delegating, team-building, negotiation, job-hunting and influencing
  • personal development, such as improving confidence, communication, motivation, resourcefulness, time-management and work-life balance
  • fun courses including climbing, horse-riding, motor-mechanics, self-defence…or whatever your chamber decides!
  • opportunities to set goals and fulfil potential

“In commercial environments, people often pay thousands of pounds to get the level of training that we generally deliver for free."

Dan Lally, JCI UK Training Director 2010

Public speaking

Learning how to speak in public is one of the most powerful things you can do to boost your confidence and your career prospects. JCI can ease you out of your comfort zone, at your own speed and within a safe, supportive environment. Prepare to astonish yourself!


Your local chamber will also give you plenty of chances to practice debating, a highly rewarding skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It’s an invaluable professional and personal skill.


This is ‘think-on-your-feet, off the cuff’ public speaking. You learn how to speak on a subject, without any preparation, for a set amount of time. You’ll be surprised at what a bit of creative stress can do for you. “It’s great fun to do and hugely entertaining” says one JCI member.


The winner of the JCI UK public speaking championship represents JCI UK at the European Conference (and why shouldn’t that be you?). There are also competitions in debating at the JCI National Convention. The national debating champion represents the UK at the JCI European Conference. You can also combine a new debating team with members from other countries and chambers.

“The training I got with JCI enabled me to develop confidence and make my CV stand out: I managed to triple my salary in 3 years.”

Lisa Forström, JCI Stockholm