Formal JCI training ladder

Develop your skills while becoming a better trainer yourself

If you like the idea of becoming a trainer yourself, and you want to play an active part in the JCI Council (which is responsible for your local chamber), you can join the JCI Training Ladder. How far you progress up this ladder is entirely up to you. Who knows? You may eventually be invited to become a JCI International Training Fellow.  What follows is a summary of the formal JCI trainer certification levels.

“When you meet other people who want to get involved in training outside their normal work hours, it creates energy that you would never get anywhere else.”

Sofie Sandell, JCI London

JCI Presenter

This one-day course introduces you to fundamental presentation skills, including preparation, involving an audience, using Powerpoint and verbal skills. All JCI members are encouraged to take this one-day course. This course, along with the next one (JCI Trainer), is for members who want to develop their presentation skills for use in their chapters, community or workplace. Read more about JCI Presenter here.

JCI Trainer

A two-day follow-on course looking at topics such as training methods, learning styles, and training resources. This will qualify you as a ‘Trainer Graduate’, which means you can begin to build up your experience by delivering unofficial local training to other local JCI members. The beauty of this is that you can quickly become experienced and confident by practising your skills within a supportive environment of fellow JCI members. Read more about JCI Trainer here.

Certified Local Trainer (CLT)

Now, when your theoretical understanding is much deeper, you need to concentrate on getting some more experience under your belt. You reach the CLT certification after completing 25 hours of local training. Then, once you’re a CLT, you can start to deliver official local JCI training. You can also assist national trainers.

JCI Designer

You must complete 25 hours at CLT level first.

As a CLT, you will be eligible to join the two-day JCI Designer course. This takes the concepts of training to a new dimension. It looks at the most advanced concepts, methods and technology to design an entire training programme.

Certified National Trainer (CNT)

Once you have graduated from JCI Designer, you automatically become a CNT.

Head Trainer

If you want to move on to organising training, you need to complete this one-day course, which also qualifies you to lead a team of trainers.

International Graduate (IG)

Once you have completed an additional 25 hours of International Training and designed an original one-hour training programme, you can apply to become an IG.

International Training Fellow (ITF)

After completing 25 hours as an International Graduate, as well as designing and submitting an original half-day course, you may be invited to become an International Training Fellow, the highest rung of the JCI Training Ladder. This is an elite group of around 130 JCI members.