JCI Cambridge is a great way to meet new friends, as well as business contacts. We are very sociable and enjoy partaking in charity fundraising events and monthly informal networking sessions!

JCI Cambridge works with members and local businesses to host a programme of business events. This gives an excellent way of getting involved with the commercial side of life in Cambridge and hear from key speakers from the local business community.

Fancy being a speaker for JCI Cambridge?

We run regular business events to give you the opportunity to present your organisation to a wide range of businesses and exchange contact details with potential clients and suppliers. These events will help to develop your confidence, communication and networking skills and we will help you to actively promote your business within our networks. We are often covered in the local and regional press and our speaker events are also promoted nationally on the JCI website. It is a great way to not only demonstrate your expertise to fellow JCI members, but also gain valuable PR for your business. 

We run seminars on all aspects of business skills. From soft skills such as communication and profiling skills to hard skills such as core business skills and sales JCI Cambridge has events that appeal to everyone. 

Please contact us for more information about our business events and if you would like to be a speaker for JCI Cambridge.