Books & Beers Club

Expand your horizons further than your field of specialization.

  • A specialist is someone who studies more and more about less and less.
  • A generalist knows a little about a lot.BB_StackFullLogo.jpg

Combine the two principles to unlock your career and protect yourself from becoming professionally obsolete. Take control of your personal and professional development by learning other skills that will complement or add to your knowledge in your chosen field.

JCI Cambridge Books & Beers Club is here to help you with that. Each month we will choose a business book for us all to read.  Then, at the following meeting, Rich Wainwright, award winning business coach from ActionCOACH, will facilitate a relaxed and informal discussion around the book and how best to implement the concepts into our lives and work to become the best we can be.... while having a beer or two.


What are you currently reading?

Check out The "Book of The Month" section on the left to find out details about the book we are currently reading, details of the next meeting.

Please email for more info.


Why should I join this scheme?

  • Would you like to take control of your personal and professional development?
  • Would you like to find a network of like-minded people?
  • How often do you reflect on a book that you have read? It is far too easy to go from books to books, learn tips to improve your personal development without thinking of how to take actions to improve your life and career.
  • How often do you get the chance to discuss with a coach various ways to improve your personal development without affecting your bank balance?

This is more than your standard book club. Having an experienced coach to our sessions ensure that we not only get quality info from the book we've read, the discussions with the group but also someone who can encourage us to think further and take actions.

Here’s an example of how Rich Wainwright helped a friend in just this way....

A few years ago a good friend of mine was a UK based printing press software engineer for a global firm.  Over dinner he mentioned that he was about to invest £5,000 of his own money into a very specialised IT course that very few people in the UK had got accreditation for.  I asked why and after a short discussion I mentioned the points above.
After dinner we called at my office and he picked up 3 or 4 general business books, which he read over the coming weekend.  He didn’t do the IT course, instead he started reading a lot more books (well, Audio books as he walked his dog twice a day!).
Within a few month she was promoted to Team Leader. Within a few months of that he was in a meeting with the other team leaders, senior management and a VP in from HQ.  The questions he asked in that meeting led to lunch with the VP and within 12 months he was promoted twice to then become the Head of Service Delivery for the UK and Ireland.


I don't drink beer

Drinking is optional. There is a place for you in this club regardless of whether you prefer beer, wine, cider, juice or water. As long as you are prepared to "Drink Yourself Smart" with knowledge, then we are looking forward to meeting you.


Please email for more info.