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27th Nov, 2017

Wine & Film Club - Ex-Machina
by Naily Makangu on November 27, 2017 21:58



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Inspired by the Cambridge Film Festival 2017, JCI Cambridge hosted a “Wine & Film Club” on Tuesday the 24th of October 2017.

With the help of Erica Adarve Colás, director and producer of short films, we explored the themes of artificial intelligence and the concept of consciousness and the manipulative techniques the characters in the film used to augment the humanity of both viewer and characters alike.

What is consciousness? “The challenge is not to act automatically. It´s to find an action that is not automatic. From talking, to breathing, to painting”. How successful was the Turin test? What was the role of Kyoko in the movie? Is she smarter than her creator thought she was? Can we control technology or will it eventually control-maybe even overpower-us?

Erica also took us behind the scenes highlighting various techniques directors use to give more context to the movie.

Please download this free document containing a more detailed analysis of the movie, complete with timeline within the movie where you can stop and analyse certain scenes.

Here is a taster of the analysis included in the document:

  • The location of the house in the movie is the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway. A double room with breakfast costs NOK 1750 per person in a double room (£170).
  • The sound made when the key-card activates a door to open is the "Tejat" sound from the Android Operating System.
  • The title derives from the Latin phrase "Deus Ex-Machina," meaning "a god from the Machine," a phrase that originated in Greek tragedies. An actor playing a god would be lowered down via a platform (machine) and solve the characters' issues, resulting in a happy ending.
On Nathan's computer, a folder on the desktop screen is named Deus Ex Machina. That is the only use of the movie's title within the movie itself.
  • Early in the movie, Caleb listens to the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark song "Enola Gay" (1980). The Enola Gay was the airplane used to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. Later, in talking to Nathan about how AI (Artificial Intelligence) will transform the world, Caleb shares J. Robert Oppenheimer's quote from the Bhagavad Gita about the making of that atomic bomb ("I am become death, the destroyer of worlds").
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We hope to be running a similar networking event in 2018. If you would like to be involved or have any questions, please get in touch with



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21st Feb, 2013

Pub Club is back!
by Laura Wing on February 21, 2013 15:23


Following the huge success of JCI Cambridge Pub Clubs in 2012, our first club night of 2013 is being held on Tuesday 12 March at another of Cambridge’s hidden gems - The Geldart.

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Situated on the corner of Ainsworth and Sleaford Street, The Geldart offers an eclectic range of real English ales, continental lagers and more whiskies than you can shake a stick at. For those coming straight from work and in need of sustenance, The Geldart is renowned for its ‘hot rocks’ and offers a selection of speciality meats, including alligator and bison! There are plenty of vegetarian options too, as well as a range of mouth watering desserts.

JCI Pub Club events provide members with the chance to network in a less formal atmosphere than our monthly business training events. The aim of the Pub Club is to promote real ales and English ciders (NOT cidre!) and to support the niche local community pubs that are the real hidden gems of Cambridge. Both members new and old attend the events to renew and develop friendships, as well as to talk the night away over a fine beverage or two.

Join us on 12 March from 18.30 at The Geldart, 1 Ainsworth Street, Cambridge CB1 2PF. If you have any questions about the night, please email



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4th Sep, 2012

Sign up now for discounted tickets to the best party in town!
by James Mitchell on September 4, 2012 15:14


JCI Cambridge is proud to be sponsoring the Cambridge Young Professionals Group (CYPG) summer ball on Saturday 15 September 2012 at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

The biggest ‘non-university’ charity ball of the year brings together an array of young professionals from a variety of industries in support of local charity Wintercomfort.

JCI members are entitled to a special discount price of £52.25 per ticket to this strictly black-tie event. The price includes a drinks reception, three-course meal, disco and DJ, as well as a casino, pampering session and raffle where you can win a Kindle or Apple TV.

So, if you fancy spending a glittering evening with like-minded young professionals, sign up now for your ticket. You’ll be in good JCI company too, as JCI President Patrick McCrae will be attending along with other members of the committee.


To book your ticket to the best party in town this summer visit

and use the code LSDSG35 to claim your discount.

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10th Aug, 2011

JCI Cambridge go Wine Tasting!
by James Mitchell on August 10, 2011 18:26


Blog » Patrick Wine Tastine.jpgIn a change from the usual workshops and seminars, JCI Cambridge's August event was Wine Tasting. Over 30 people attending to learn the art of wine tasting and feast upon cheese and biscuits afterwards. Our man on the scene, cheese (and now wine) connoisseur, Works In Print Director Patrick McCrae gives us the low-down on how the evening went:

In keeping with our JCI Cambridge goal to provide business-based personal development-focussed training events we invited Buying Director, Lyndsey from Cambridge Wines to run this months' session.

Pour, examine, swirl, sniff, taste... spit.  Well, let's be honest, no one spat their wine out.  Gallant neighbours of designated drivers took blousey, deep purple, fruity, high minty noted bullets while we all sat around and dredged our memory for adjectives.  

She was not there to tell us about the 3500 wines she personally tastes and buys for their now 8+ shops around the UK, her seven years as the incumbent, nor indeed to tell us about staff management (she is recruiting, by the way) but to tell us how to taste wine!

"What does it look like?" ,  "What does it smell like?"   asked Lyndsey. Of course our hilarious responses to glass one, the veritable (and the best) [insert name]: "tastes of wine", soon depreciated into people shouting out Oak! TCP! Metallic things! Or my personal favourite Cotton wool!  My neighbour (and designated driver bullet-taker) noted that he had just not smelled enough things in his life to fully take part.

Blog » Group Wine Tasting 2.jpg

As the evening progressed and we evolved from "Buy One Get One Free" wine drinking troglodytes it seemed our focus may have waned. Much how Come Dine With Me can make a man superbly hungry, so Lyndsey's descriptions of edible accompaniments to the fine wines made everything grumble.  Evidenced by President Jen and Membership Director Nick's hurried arrangement of our cheese selection, as we worked out that bottle five of six would probably sit well with rare steak. 

Blog » Jen and Nick Wine tasting.jpg


We had six wines in total, plucked from Cambridge Wine's '(affordable) bring this to a party and people will love you range' and I know a few people will soon be feeling the love.In short, if you weren't there, you missed out.  Superb night.  People stayed right until the end when we were possibly overstaying Eversheds' generous hospitality.  Luckily for some hangers-on not all the wine was finished so some (unnamed) parties could be seen exiting with half-empty bottles! 

Blog » Group Wine Tasting.jpg

Apparently JCI Cambridge does it again!



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7th Jul, 2011

Punts, Pimms and Partying - The JCI Cambridge Summer Party
by James Mitchell on July 7, 2011 13:27


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July 2nd was the JCI Cambridge Summer Party. If you didn't go, you missed out!

Patrick McCrae, JCI Cambridge Committee Member and Director of Works in Print  gives us the low down on how the day progressed.

Meeting at Corpus Christi clock probably wasn't the best idea of the evening, but it certainly set a precedent for loud, expensive, shiny things. 

A quick stroll down to the punts and we were on it.  No, literally, we were.  Five O'clock means JCI Cambridge Pimm's a go-go.  Delighting in the information gleaned from our punter.  We now all know about the Night Crawler's Santa Hats, why Queens' College is so name and all about Prince Charles and his bodyguards.  

Not long after disembarking the punt Jen, the JCI President, me, the VP, and Lisa the ascending, were seated in hierarchical order in the Cambridge Union.  A brief history of the place was given, famous speakers listed off, but we were all keen to get on and make some cocktails.  Of course it really went downhill from here. 

Gin Martini

Something that tasted like cake

And Mojito.

All brilliant and all made by us.  Wasn't long until we'd left the allocated room and found ourselves moving garden furniture outside to make our own little JCI cocktail bench.  Lovely. 

Not wanting to miss our reservation at Cambridge's fine Crowne Plaza we trotted off and sat down to a salubrious three course meal.  Melon, Pork and then something delicious.  It was getting quite late by the time we'd all finished discussing the finer points of the JCI Creed, so we decided it was probably time to head over to Lololola, Cambridge's newest (and frankly best) club. 

VIP entry of course (they even took my sunglasses into the cloakroom).  Well, up the stairs we went into the main room where cocktails were served in carved our Easter Island heads.  It had a real Tiki feel.  Basically amazing.  

Of course the rest of the evening is really a blur, because it went with such speed.  Snippets: excellent service, Tiki Beats, massive sound system failure, JCI committee all getting down and grinding, broken glass, high-end free BBQ on the terrace, more dancing, cigarettes, more dancing, the return of my sunglasses!  Various chance meetings for some members of our party....!  Macdonald's.  Taxi.  Sleeping in the car.  Bed.  Is everyone still alive?  Yes.  Brilliant.

Another wonderful party hosted, presented, funded and recounted by JCI Cambridge. 

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