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3rd Oct, 2011

Eversheds hosts Social Media workshop - BOOK NOW!
by James Mitchell on October 3, 2011 09:58



Get the Inside Track on... the rise of online social media.

"To what extent can we discipline employees for comments they make on Facebook?"

"How can we best use sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to boost our online profile and recruitment reach?"

"Can we control or monitor the way in which our employees use social media sites, especially if there is a risk of employee bullying or harm to our business's reputation?"

The rapid rise of social media has added an exciting but often bewildering dimension to business activities. Although there has been a broadening of opportunities for businesses who use their online presence effectively, this has been accompanied by a variety of new and unfamiliar challenges for HR professionals. These challenges include issues of privacy, online misconduct and liability and implementing effective social media policies. 

If you are interested in these issues, then Eversheds' first Inside Track event is for you.  We are hosting a roundtable discussion on Wednesday 12 October 2011 to address the ever-increasing use of social media and the employment law implications of this trend. The discussion will be held in the private Wine Shop section of d'Arry's Cookhouse restaurant in Central Cambridge and will be the first in a series of roundtable discussions on topical employment law issues that are affecting HR professionals today.

About Inside Track

The series is aimed primarily at more junior HR professionals who are starting out in their careers and who would like to get up to speed with important issues, whilst gaining the opportunity to network with their peers from other organisations in a relaxed environment.

We aim to achieve a lively and informal atmosphere, where attendees feel confident in debating issues and sharing their experiences over great food and wine. Each roundtable discussion will therefore be limited to a maximum of 15 to 20 attendees, including both HR professionals and Eversheds solicitors specialising in employment law.


The programme will be as follows:


18:15 Arrival and drinks

19:00 Dinner and discussion

21:00 Close


The event is free to attend.  Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis and this event is already proving very popular.  


We still have a couple of spaces left so, if you or one of your colleagues would like to attend, please email Frances Butler at to reserve a space.



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11th Sep, 2011

JCI European Academy 2011 – Was the TIME of my LIFE!
by James Mitchell on September 11, 2011 18:44


Blog » academy.jpgJCI Cambridge committee member, Lisa Bredahl Thomsen, recently attended the JCI European Academy in Sweden. She explains what the Academy is, why she enjoyed it so much and why you should go next year:

One of the best decisions I have made in my life was to go to the JCI European Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden this summer.

You are probably wondering how I can say it was one of the the best decisions of my life? Well, you experience intense training at the JCI European Academy. You learn that every single minute is about you and your choices.

You will learn new things about yourself and the people you work with. By being able to understand people, what motivated the and why they do things the way they do, you will know how to motivate and inspire them.

At the JCI Academy you also have the opportunity to use your own leadership skills and styles in a "safe" environment, with great feedback and support from your team-mates. This focusses you on your ability to do a great job; not focus on yourself but concentrate on getting the very best from the person you are dealing with.

Besides developing your own skills, you also get to experience all your team-mates leadership styles, and understand the importance in being able to adapt different styles. You will understand the team's development process, its strengths and weaknesses, in order to get the most out of the team.

In the Academy you also strengthen relationships with colleagues across JCI Europe. You meet around 100 inspiring people from Chapters all over Europe. These include future JCI leaders on a local, national and international level.

The skills learnt at the academy can be used in many scenarios; at JCI,  at work, and on a personal level. It will equip you with the skills to develop great opportunities for the future.

It's YOUR choice to make the best out of YOUR life!


Blog » JCI Europe.jpg


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3rd Sep, 2011

Are you in the right job? Well, JCI Cambridge members found out...
by James Mitchell on September 3, 2011 22:20


Blog » sharon Ferguson Thomas International.jpgOne of our guest speakers this year has been Sharon Ferguson from Thomas International. Sharon presented a workshop to help JCI Cambridge members decide if they were in the correct job, or not!

The workshop consisted of behavioural questionnaires identifying their personality traits and Sharon provided individual feedback to all attendees. Sharon explains what the tests are and how the workshop with JCI Cambridge went:

Formerly a Personnel and Training Manager with a large Blue chip company, my passion has always been in developing people to be the best they can be.

After several years in a variety of H.R. positions, I wanted a new challenge and moved into a Regional Sales Managers Position for Sainsbury's Bank. Finding I had a natural flair and ability to develop people to achieve excellent sales results I realized that I had been stifling my natural talents and amending my behaviour to be successful in my previous career. But, it was much easier to achieve results in a role, which aligned my preferred behaviour and strengths.

I joined Thomas International in 2009 as a Business Consultant covering East Anglia with responsibility for developing a portfolio of clients across, Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Thomas International helps clients recruit, retain, develop and manage their people. We'll give you insight into your staff - what motivates them, their core strengths and limitations, and their potential. And we'll add a high level of certainty to all your people-related decisions.

Thomas is different because our assessments are straightforward to understand and quick to use, with rapid results. 

I tell people their PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) is the most important piece of information they have ever received. It is like holding up a mirror it really helps people to understand their behaviour and how others perceive them. By improving self-awareness PPA gives individuals the opportunity to make choices about their behaviour.

PPA gives an accurate overview of an individual's work behavioural preferences and describes it in terms of four opposing factors:

D = Dominance, I = Influence, S = Steadiness, and C = Compliance.

Blog » DISC.jpg

It assesses an individual's behaviour in the work environment and can answer questions such as: what are their strengths and limitations? Are they self-starters? How do they communicate? What motivates them?  Providing a valuable insight into what careers might be suitable choices.

Once aware of the DISC profile this can be used in a personal capacity to identify characteristics and aid personal communication.

As a high I Influence my preferred approach to Sales is via networking, this is where I met Jo Evans from Emerald Frog Marketing, committee member for JCI Cambridge. Jo asked me to undertake a presentation to members to increase awareness of their personality types and strengths and limitations.

The presentation evening was extremely enjoyable proving to be a very interactive workshop, with lots of positive energy and questions from the members.

For more information on Thomas International visit:

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30th Aug, 2011

Book now for JCI Presenter Course
by James Mitchell on August 30, 2011 10:38


Looking to enhance your skills as a presenter? JCI London are running their much acclaimed JCI Presenter course!

Then JCI Presenter is for you!

This one-day course on Saturday 17 September will equip you with all the tools you need to develop and deliver an effective presentation, using visual aids and competent delivery, while keeping in mind the needs of your audience. You can use it as a one-off presentation skills course or as the first step to becoming an accredited JCI Trainer.

Why do JCI Presenter?

People who have strong presentation skills are promoted faster, paid more and are generally more successful than those who are less proficient. Learning to present yourself and your ideas effectively can improve your negotiation skills and also lead to stronger interpersonal relationships.

JCI Presenter forms the first rung of a structured global programme designed by JCI to equip members with all the skills you need to deliver first-class training in the workplace or outside.

Read more about JCI Presenter on JCI London's  blog


JCI members - £35
Non-members - £90

Places are strictly limited and advance booking is required.  Price includes training, lunch and materials.


The head trainer for this course will be Lina Derkeshli, a JCI Trainer since 2007 and Certified National Trainer since 2009.  Lina was an active member of the JCI Syria National Board for several years before her move to London. 

Lina will be assisted by Simon Bucknall, JCI London Business Director and Deputy President. Simon is a professional speaker who runs his own consultancy called The Art of Connection.  He won the JCI European Public Speaking Competition in 2008.




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16th Aug, 2011

September's JCI Cambridge Events - Mentoring
by James Mitchell on August 16, 2011 20:28


Katie Morris  - Employability/Careers Adviser at Anglia Ruskin University.  

Blog » Kate Morris.jpg

I have been running the Employer Mentoring Scheme in Cambridge since 2004.  Mentoring is increasingly recognised as an important skill to develop within today's business enterprises.  The scheme gives people in our business community the chance to gain some direct Mentoring experience, at no cost, within a closely managed timescale - and, in the process, to give something really valuable to a graduate preparing to enter the workplace themselves. 

The scheme is designed to match up students from the Anglia Ruskin University (in their second year) with people in relevant jobs who can help them gain an understanding of their work environment, its culture, its expectations, its demands and even its frustrations.  This is where you come in!  

Could you help an Anglia Ruskin student get a realistic picture of the workplace, the opportunities - and obstacles - they're likely to face? 

Find out more from Katie Morris at the next JCI training session on 13 September 2011

Venue: Eversheds, Kett House, Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JY
Date: 13th Sep, 2011
Time: 6:30pm
Price: Free for members and first timers, £15 all others


For directions to the venue click here

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16th Aug, 2011

A word from The President!
by James Mitchell on August 16, 2011 09:22


Jen Little, JCI Cambridge President, looks back on the year so far and the Chamber's future plans.

Blog » Jen Little, JCI Cambridge.jpg

JCI Cambridge has had an amazing year so far! Having only been re-established for a year we have gone from strength to strength;  having new members join each month, a strong committee of enthusiastic and very capable young professionals, a vibrant business and networking programme of events each month coupled with the opportunities of the wider JCI UK programme.

It is difficult to pinpoint one experience of life within JCI Cambridge this year. In our first training session of 2011 business guru Philip Morley explained ""Why it pays to be clear - communication with clarity". Philips' session covered the commercial advantage of clarity and how dangerous it is when clients, customers, colleagues and investors get the wrong end of the stick. 

February saw the amazing Marcus Orlovsky give a talk on "Packed to be in the right place, at the right time" - a truly inspirational speaker! I was amazed at the power and strength of conviction of the conversations in the pub after this event!  We have also covered topics such as "Massively Improve Your Results : The Secret of Success",  "Time Management", "Personality Profiling in the Workplace", "Emotional Intelligence" and "Negotiation Skills". 

We also hold our social networking events once a month and have had a full house on most months - so much so we have had to find a new venue!

We held our inaugural Business Skills day in April and were the hosts of the President and Deputies day. We had a great night out with both JCI UK members and visitors where we were able to showcase our beautiful city.

We also had a very enjoyable JCI Cambridge summer party which included punting, cocktail making and dancing.

In August we held a Wine Tasting in Conjunction with Cambridge Wine which was very successful with over 30 people attending. 

We also hold special interest groups to give  LinkedIn training and shortly will be including Twitter to this highly informative scheme.

I have thoroughly enjoyed attending both the JCI Presenter and Trainer courses - a must for anyone and being a trainer at the JCI UK Marketing Academy was great fun. We are also extremely proud that one of our committee members attended the European academy.

We have built some strong business relationships and have corporate partners in place who sponsor our events - a big thank you to Eversheds, Emerald Frog Marketing, WKH, Pure Resourcing Solutions, Works In Print, Cambridge Wine and Oxbridge Tours.


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10th Aug, 2011

JCI Cambridge go Wine Tasting!
by James Mitchell on August 10, 2011 18:26


Blog » Patrick Wine Tastine.jpgIn a change from the usual workshops and seminars, JCI Cambridge's August event was Wine Tasting. Over 30 people attending to learn the art of wine tasting and feast upon cheese and biscuits afterwards. Our man on the scene, cheese (and now wine) connoisseur, Works In Print Director Patrick McCrae gives us the low-down on how the evening went:

In keeping with our JCI Cambridge goal to provide business-based personal development-focussed training events we invited Buying Director, Lyndsey from Cambridge Wines to run this months' session.

Pour, examine, swirl, sniff, taste... spit.  Well, let's be honest, no one spat their wine out.  Gallant neighbours of designated drivers took blousey, deep purple, fruity, high minty noted bullets while we all sat around and dredged our memory for adjectives.  

She was not there to tell us about the 3500 wines she personally tastes and buys for their now 8+ shops around the UK, her seven years as the incumbent, nor indeed to tell us about staff management (she is recruiting, by the way) but to tell us how to taste wine!

"What does it look like?" ,  "What does it smell like?"   asked Lyndsey. Of course our hilarious responses to glass one, the veritable (and the best) [insert name]: "tastes of wine", soon depreciated into people shouting out Oak! TCP! Metallic things! Or my personal favourite Cotton wool!  My neighbour (and designated driver bullet-taker) noted that he had just not smelled enough things in his life to fully take part.

Blog » Group Wine Tasting 2.jpg

As the evening progressed and we evolved from "Buy One Get One Free" wine drinking troglodytes it seemed our focus may have waned. Much how Come Dine With Me can make a man superbly hungry, so Lyndsey's descriptions of edible accompaniments to the fine wines made everything grumble.  Evidenced by President Jen and Membership Director Nick's hurried arrangement of our cheese selection, as we worked out that bottle five of six would probably sit well with rare steak. 

Blog » Jen and Nick Wine tasting.jpg


We had six wines in total, plucked from Cambridge Wine's '(affordable) bring this to a party and people will love you range' and I know a few people will soon be feeling the love.In short, if you weren't there, you missed out.  Superb night.  People stayed right until the end when we were possibly overstaying Eversheds' generous hospitality.  Luckily for some hangers-on not all the wine was finished so some (unnamed) parties could be seen exiting with half-empty bottles! 

Blog » Group Wine Tasting.jpg

Apparently JCI Cambridge does it again!



Blog » Harriet Wine Tasting.jpg

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19th Jul, 2011

LinkedIn: Setting up a good profile
by James Mitchell on July 19, 2011 14:40


Blog » Jo - Small Image Outside.jpg

Are you making the most of your LinkedIn account? Jo Evans from Emerald Frog Marketing explains how you can make the most of your online networking.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business tools on the web. And it's free! By using LinkedIn for just a few minutes daily you will become more searchable on the internet, increase your business connections and promote your brand online.

LinkedIn has really taken off in recent months and, used properly, can increase your leads and contacts.

Here are our top tips to maximise your LinkedIn profile:

  • Ensure that you have set a good personal profile. This will be the first thing people read so is worth spending a bit of time over.
  • Summarise your key skills and experience in the "Summary" section and select keywords that will be picked up in searches
  • Make sure you include a sensible photograph!
  • When adding your web address, select "other" so that the address itself appears on your profile
  • Contact some former colleagues/customers and ask them to write you a recommendation
  • If someone you wish to connect with has a blue number "2″ after their name, it means that they are already connected to one of your contacts - so have a look at your shared connections. You can ask your contact to "introduce" you to that person, which is much better etiquette than sending them a request out of the blue.
  • If you do not want other people seeing who you are connected to, then go to "Settings" then "Connections browse" and turn off the public view. This is especially important if you have confidentiality sensitive customers.
  • If you do not wish to know whose profile you have been looking at, go to "Settings" and then "Profile Views" and go invisible!
  • Make a point of updating your status everyday so you appear in people's newsfeeds. Don't forget, this is not Facebook - so keep it professional. Perhaps, where you are going or the project you are working on that day.
  • You can also set up a company profile so people can keep track of your news and blogs 

Now you have your LinkedIn profile set up, make sure you promote it! Add a "widget" to your website, connect with  those you meet at networking events and search for events in your area.

Oh, and most importantly, make sure that you join the JCI Cambridge LinkedIn group and contribute to discussions. It's a great way to network with members of the group online and see details of forthcoming events.

JCI Cambridge's President (and resident LinkedIn expert!) will soon be running a special interest group on LinkedIn for this space!



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7th Jul, 2011

Punts, Pimms and Partying - The JCI Cambridge Summer Party
by James Mitchell on July 7, 2011 13:27


Blog » photo5.JPG

July 2nd was the JCI Cambridge Summer Party. If you didn't go, you missed out!

Patrick McCrae, JCI Cambridge Committee Member and Director of Works in Print  gives us the low down on how the day progressed.

Meeting at Corpus Christi clock probably wasn't the best idea of the evening, but it certainly set a precedent for loud, expensive, shiny things. 

A quick stroll down to the punts and we were on it.  No, literally, we were.  Five O'clock means JCI Cambridge Pimm's a go-go.  Delighting in the information gleaned from our punter.  We now all know about the Night Crawler's Santa Hats, why Queens' College is so name and all about Prince Charles and his bodyguards.  

Not long after disembarking the punt Jen, the JCI President, me, the VP, and Lisa the ascending, were seated in hierarchical order in the Cambridge Union.  A brief history of the place was given, famous speakers listed off, but we were all keen to get on and make some cocktails.  Of course it really went downhill from here. 

Gin Martini

Something that tasted like cake

And Mojito.

All brilliant and all made by us.  Wasn't long until we'd left the allocated room and found ourselves moving garden furniture outside to make our own little JCI cocktail bench.  Lovely. 

Not wanting to miss our reservation at Cambridge's fine Crowne Plaza we trotted off and sat down to a salubrious three course meal.  Melon, Pork and then something delicious.  It was getting quite late by the time we'd all finished discussing the finer points of the JCI Creed, so we decided it was probably time to head over to Lololola, Cambridge's newest (and frankly best) club. 

VIP entry of course (they even took my sunglasses into the cloakroom).  Well, up the stairs we went into the main room where cocktails were served in carved our Easter Island heads.  It had a real Tiki feel.  Basically amazing.  

Of course the rest of the evening is really a blur, because it went with such speed.  Snippets: excellent service, Tiki Beats, massive sound system failure, JCI committee all getting down and grinding, broken glass, high-end free BBQ on the terrace, more dancing, cigarettes, more dancing, the return of my sunglasses!  Various chance meetings for some members of our party....!  Macdonald's.  Taxi.  Sleeping in the car.  Bed.  Is everyone still alive?  Yes.  Brilliant.

Another wonderful party hosted, presented, funded and recounted by JCI Cambridge. 

Blog » photo8.JPG


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16th Jun, 2011

Blog » Kevin Bullock.jpgOn 14th June, Kevin Bullock addressed JCI Cambridge in a talk about Outstanding Leadership.

Kevin believes that our effectiveness as professionals is not so much based on technical competences as personal effectiveness.  

The key skills/attributes that make outstanding professionals and leaders are; Emotional Intelligence, effective communication and high expectations. 

According to Kevin's research, the worst part about being a leader is working with adults who will not change. He believes that it is almost impossible to change people as they don't often see life the way it is - they see it the way they a particular moment.  He states that what is needed to truly change a person, is not so much a persuasive argument as a perspective's changing perceptions, not circumstances that moves a person forward! 

Kevin has recently and very successfully rolled out a popular and innovative new project called Excellence Through Employees which a High Impact/Simple Strategy programme that can transform any organisation. It is based on the latest research focusing on the skills/attributes of outstanding leaders and organisations. It also reflects best practice in organisational leadership

The programme supports an organisation in refocusing (realigning its energies) on its core purpose

  • It identifies how every employee/volunteer can have a high impact on the core purpose

  • Helps identify key deflectors from core purpose

  • Supports the organisation in distinguishing between activity and accomplishment whilst ensuring the wealth of excellence in the organisation is re-channelled towards key outcomes/goals.

"All too often I would witness very hard working schools and companies wasting time and energy focusing on irrelevant or low impact strategies peripheral to the organisation's core purpose. I truly believe that effort and energy without a core purpose is like speed without direction!"

Kevin's innovative and refreshing approaches to leadership and communication coupled with his wide experience in both the educational and commercial sectors have resulted in continuing success in his role both as a consultant, speaker and head teacher. Kevin maintains that it is not his ability so much as his approach that has led to this success.

For more information on Excellence Through Employees or Leadership Courses, please contact Sue Ling on 01638 720296 or visit our website  


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