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28th Apr, 2012

Big River Clean Up Update
by James Mitchell on April 28, 2012 20:38


River Projects 2012 Update

As part of the World Clean Up 2012, JCI Cambridge members took part in the "Cambridge Spring Clean" organised by the Cleaner Cambridge Campaign on Saturday April 14th 2012.

The JCI Cambridge Committee would like to say well done and thank you to all JCI members who attended this event - there were more than 100 volunteers in total on the day and it has been confirmed that more than 80 full sacks of litter were collected, ensuring a clean and beautiful River Cam in readiness for the Summer!!

As the second part of our "River Projects 2012" we will be organising a team to clean up a river near Sturmer on Saturday 21st July 2012.  If you would like to get involved in this rewarding and very social event, please get in touch via!

Remember - all volunteer hours can be logged as part of JCI ACE, where the efforts of JCI members will be recognised through an awards scheme - please check out our blog post for more information.


You can find out what you missed by watching our JCI Cambridge River Cam Cleanup 2012 video on our new Youtube video.


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15th Apr, 2012

JCI Cambridge All Stars need YOU!! - 2012 Challenge
by James Mitchell on April 15, 2012 13:29


Blog » Community projects » Arthur_Rank_Logo.jpgThis year JCI Cambridge is calling upon its members to take part in our 2012 Challenge, a great way for JCI Cambridge members to celebrate the Olympic games, have fun, get fit and fund raise for our charity of the year - Arthur Rank Hospice.


So, what is the 2012 Challenge? 

The JCI Cambridge team (aka "JCI Cambridge All Stars") will cover a total of 2012km (1250.198 miles) by the end of the year via as many sports as possible. So far we are planning to include running, walking, cycling, kayaking, rowing, punting (is this a sport we hear you ask!?), sky diving and any other sports that create a "challenge".

Blog » Community projects » gold-challenge-logo_411x355.jpg


Fund-raising events planned:

  - Summer Party punting
  - Cambourne 10km Run
  - Race For Life
  - Various marathons


Interested? please join us!

If you would like to get involved with the JCI Cambridge All Star team, please contact us at:



As an additional limb we are aiming to raise £2,012 for Arthur Rank Hospice, the JCI Cambridge Charity of the year 2012. There are a number of ways you can sponsor us:

any donation, no matter how small, is gratefully received.


So, how are we getting along?

You can track our progress with our online Totalizer at All stars

You can also keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates

Facebook -

Twitter -


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28th Mar, 2012

JCI Cambridge River Projects - World Clean Up 2012
by James Mitchell on March 28, 2012 20:42


JCI is taking action against illegal dumping and careless behaviour towards the environment by supporting a number of "clean up" projects throughout the world between 24 March and 25 September 2012. These projects are about doing something together to benefit the environment.

As part of this campaign, JCI Cambridge will be taking part in two river clean-up projects in 2012 - cleaning the River Cam and the River Sturmer.

The first part is the "Cambridge Spring Clean" organised by the Cleaner Cambridge Campaign.  Taking place on Saturday April 14th 2012 10am - 12.30pm the aim is to clear the River Cam and adjacent open spaces of all surface litter from Fen Causeway to Fen Ditton.

Teams will meet at one of three locations:

  • Stourbridge Common from Riverside

  • The Fort St George (where coffee before and a BBQ afterwards are free for all!)

  • The bridge outside The Mill Pub and Scudamores


The second part is our own event, cleaning up the river near Sturmer on Saturday 21st July.

We are encouraging our membership to help us to clean these beautiful rivers, which we hope will offer a good chance to socialise whilst doing something good for the community. We will be finishing each day in true JCI Cambridge style... with a drink or two!  

If would like more information please get in touch by emailing us at or book your place for cleaning up the River Cam click here

Remember - all volunteer hours can be logged as part of JCI ACE, where the efforts of JCI members will be recognised through an awards scheme - please check out our blog post for more information.

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19th Mar, 2012

Donate your time, not just your money appeal
by James Mitchell on March 19, 2012 21:51



We all think of charity donations in financial terms, but donating your time to community projects is often as equally valuable to an organisation as any financial contribution.  Volunteering also has added personal benefits because volunteers are provided with the opportunity to build strong relationships and friendships with the organisations supported.

This year, in conjunction with our "2012 Challenge" JCI Cambridge is also running the "donate your time, not just your money appeal", encouraging members to get out into the local community, be active and make a difference.

We will be supporting a number of community projects throughout the year and would very much like you to join us! The hours donated by our membership can also be logged as part of the JCI UK Active Citizen Experience (ACE) Project (see below).

If you are interested in volunteering with us please get in touch by emailing us at, we would love to hear from both members and non-members.

In addition, we would also be pleased to hear from any local organisations who think JCI Cambridge might be able to assist in other local community projects.



JCI Cambridge is ACE!!

One of the core values of JCI is to be an active citizen and to make a local impact. In 2011 JCI UK launched a volunteering project on a national level under the name "ACE" - Active Citizen Experience, to reward those members who went a bit further and actively got involved in their local community.

ACE is a community hours project where JCI Members can register their volunteer hours. Members are awarded bronze, silver and gold certificates (according to the hours logged) in recognition of their efforts. The certificates are awarded at national events by the National President and National Community Director.

Bronze 10 hours

Silver 20 hours

Gold 30 hours

Any type of volunteering is eligible for ACE, so whether it is the Big River Clean Up, helping to fundraise for Wallace Cancer Care or running the Race for Life, it all counts.

JCI Cambridge would like our members to achieve as many certificates as possible this year.


All you need to do is click here, fill in the name of the JCI Member, log the time spent volunteering (in hours and minutes) and set out what the volunteering involved.

The JCI Cambridge committee would like to give a big thank you in advance, to the all members who take part in our "donate your time, not just your money appeal" this year.


As JCI members, our mission is to create positive change in the world. We believe that by taking responsibility for our communities, we can create solutions to the problems we see around us.

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7th Feb, 2012

Blood donations welcome - 6th March
by James Mitchell on February 7, 2012 21:43


JCI Cambridge is supporting the blood donor service in 2012 and you can join us by just giving up a little of your time to donate some of your blood!

Blood is something we all expect to be there for us when we need it, but surprisingly only 4% of us give blood. Many people would not be alive today if it wasn't for the generosity of blood donors.

Book your donation appointment today!!

  • The NHS needs 7000 units of donated blood daily
  • One donation is broken down into three live saving products
  • Donations are used to replace blood loss after accidents, childbirth or surgery and to treat people with blood disorders and those undergoing cancer treatment
  • Most people are eligible to give blood, you just need to be aged 17 to 65 (for a first time donor), weigh over 7 stone 12 (50kgs) and be in generally good health


So why not book your appointment today for this upcoming session with the mini Bloodmobile visiting Mott McDonald in Cambridge?

Date:  Tuesday 6th March

Time:  Between 9.45am to 12.35pm & 2.25 - 4.55pm

Where:  Situated in the Car Park, Demeter House, Station Road

Contact:  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – Please call the NBS on 0300 123 23 23 quoting postcode CB1 2RS


Can I give blood?

Most people can give blood, but you should not donate if:

  • You have a chesty cough, sore throat, cold sore or you are at the beginning of a cold
  • You are taking antibiotics
  • You are pregnant, or have had a baby in the last 6 months
  • You have had complicated work on your teeth or an extraction in the last 7 days; had a filling, scale or polish in the last 24hrs
  • You have received blood, or think you may have received blood, since 1st January 1980
  • You are currently awaiting results for any tests undertaken by your healthcare provider.


In the last four months you have:

  • Had a tattoo, skin piercing or semi-permanent make up
  • Had acupuncture, unless this was done by the NHS or you have the appropriate certificate of accreditation


In the last six months you have:

  • Visited a malarial area


You can visit the blood service website for general information or details of other sessions in the area.

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28th Jan, 2012

Inspiration Day 2012
by James Mitchell on January 28, 2012 21:48


Blog » Lisa.jpg

JCI Cambridge Vice President Lisa Bredahl Thomsen, writes about JCI Inspiration Day held in Birmingham at the end of January.

JCI Cambridge had 7 delegates who went to Birmingham to attend INSPIRATION DAY 2012. 

The big inspiration for 2012 started with an introduction by our National President 2012 - Solveig Malvig. We then had an introduction of Marketing, personal development, and international opportunities coming up in the first half of 2012.

Richard Tong and Emma Eastwood then had three minutes each to talk about why we should select them to be the Deputy President 2012 and President 2013. This was a really good way to get to know more about where they want to take JCI UK in 2013.

An important part of JCI is community projects such as "World Clean Up - 13 May 2012. The hours we all contribute to the community can now be logged and we get awarded for the hours we give back.

A mentoring training opportunity is available for JCI members at  - Here we can attend training, or get a trainer to come to our local Chapters before the end of March. This compliments JCI Cambridge's mentoring of Anglia Ruskin's University students.     

The key note speaker of the day was Noam Kostucki, who made some great points how to "Turn Passion into Actions". Mr. Kostucki made us aware about how important it is to talk about what we didn't achieve last year, and what we learned from it. Did we really want it in the first place?

It's important to think about the next step, how can we take the next step?

Mr. Kostucki also spoke about how important it is to not only to put words on your visions, but to actually be able to draw pictures of your visions. This will make your visions more clear, and touchable. Another point about your visions is to share them with others, not just your plan on how to get there.

It's always important to remember to get feedback, and to get both negative feedback and positive feedback. So, know your friends, who will give you unbiased criticism of your ideas to help you gain clarity.

After lunch we have a short introduction to JCI Active Citizen Framework, which is to help the local Chapters to understand the local community, identify areas where we can help in either big or small ways.

Our big task of the day was to go out in our teams and raise awareness of JCI in Birmingham, especially regarding the re-launch of JCI Birmingham on the 9 February 2012. This was approached in different ways by each team, Many people in Birmingham saw JCI logos and talked with current members of JCI about the work of the organisation. We were very pleased that we did a fantastic job of making JCI more visible in Birmingham.

JCI Cambridge finished the day by passing over a gift to Jen Little, our past president 2009-2011, to thank her for her amazing work restarting JCI Cambridge and building it from just two members to a thriving Chamber of around 60 members in two years!

Blog » Inspiration Day1.jpg



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3rd Oct, 2011

Do something amazing and become a blood or platelet donor!
by James Mitchell on October 3, 2011 10:01


Blog » Blood donor.jpg

You can do something amazing and become a blood or platelet donor!


Blood is something we all expect to be there for us when we need it, yet only 4% of us give blood. Many people would not be alive today if it wasn't for the generosity of our donors. The NHS needs 7000 units of donated blood daily and one donation is broken down into three live saving products. These donations are used to replace blood loss after accidents, childbirth or surgery and to treat people with blood disorders and those undergoing cancer treatment. To be eligible to give blood you need to be aged 17 to 65 (for a first time donor), weigh over 7 stone 12 (50kgs) and be in generally good health.


There is always an urgent need for whole blood but you may not be aware that there is always the same need for platelets as well - every bit as urgent. Most platelet donations are given to patients who are unable to make enough platelets in their bone marrow. For example, patients with leukemia or other cancers may have too few platelets as the result of their disease or treatment. Platelet donation takes place in a special clinic on the Addenbrookes site (there is free parking for donors) and we ask our Platelet donors to give at least 10 times a year. You need to give a small sample to see if your platelet count is high enough and if it is, and you can make the extra commitment, we will welcome you as a platelet donor.

The need for both whole blood and platelet donors is a great one so if you are interested please visit or call 0300 123 23 23 to find more information or to find a local blood donor session. 



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11th Sep, 2011

JCI European Academy 2011 – Was the TIME of my LIFE!
by James Mitchell on September 11, 2011 18:44


Blog » academy.jpgJCI Cambridge committee member, Lisa Bredahl Thomsen, recently attended the JCI European Academy in Sweden. She explains what the Academy is, why she enjoyed it so much and why you should go next year:

One of the best decisions I have made in my life was to go to the JCI European Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden this summer.

You are probably wondering how I can say it was one of the the best decisions of my life? Well, you experience intense training at the JCI European Academy. You learn that every single minute is about you and your choices.

You will learn new things about yourself and the people you work with. By being able to understand people, what motivated the and why they do things the way they do, you will know how to motivate and inspire them.

At the JCI Academy you also have the opportunity to use your own leadership skills and styles in a "safe" environment, with great feedback and support from your team-mates. This focusses you on your ability to do a great job; not focus on yourself but concentrate on getting the very best from the person you are dealing with.

Besides developing your own skills, you also get to experience all your team-mates leadership styles, and understand the importance in being able to adapt different styles. You will understand the team's development process, its strengths and weaknesses, in order to get the most out of the team.

In the Academy you also strengthen relationships with colleagues across JCI Europe. You meet around 100 inspiring people from Chapters all over Europe. These include future JCI leaders on a local, national and international level.

The skills learnt at the academy can be used in many scenarios; at JCI,  at work, and on a personal level. It will equip you with the skills to develop great opportunities for the future.

It's YOUR choice to make the best out of YOUR life!


Blog » JCI Europe.jpg


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30th Aug, 2011

Book now for JCI Presenter Course
by James Mitchell on August 30, 2011 10:38


Looking to enhance your skills as a presenter? JCI London are running their much acclaimed JCI Presenter course!

Then JCI Presenter is for you!

This one-day course on Saturday 17 September will equip you with all the tools you need to develop and deliver an effective presentation, using visual aids and competent delivery, while keeping in mind the needs of your audience. You can use it as a one-off presentation skills course or as the first step to becoming an accredited JCI Trainer.

Why do JCI Presenter?

People who have strong presentation skills are promoted faster, paid more and are generally more successful than those who are less proficient. Learning to present yourself and your ideas effectively can improve your negotiation skills and also lead to stronger interpersonal relationships.

JCI Presenter forms the first rung of a structured global programme designed by JCI to equip members with all the skills you need to deliver first-class training in the workplace or outside.

Read more about JCI Presenter on JCI London's  blog


JCI members - £35
Non-members - £90

Places are strictly limited and advance booking is required.  Price includes training, lunch and materials.


The head trainer for this course will be Lina Derkeshli, a JCI Trainer since 2007 and Certified National Trainer since 2009.  Lina was an active member of the JCI Syria National Board for several years before her move to London. 

Lina will be assisted by Simon Bucknall, JCI London Business Director and Deputy President. Simon is a professional speaker who runs his own consultancy called The Art of Connection.  He won the JCI European Public Speaking Competition in 2008.




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16th Aug, 2011

September's JCI Cambridge Events - Mentoring
by James Mitchell on August 16, 2011 20:28


Katie Morris  - Employability/Careers Adviser at Anglia Ruskin University.  

Blog » Kate Morris.jpg

I have been running the Employer Mentoring Scheme in Cambridge since 2004.  Mentoring is increasingly recognised as an important skill to develop within today's business enterprises.  The scheme gives people in our business community the chance to gain some direct Mentoring experience, at no cost, within a closely managed timescale - and, in the process, to give something really valuable to a graduate preparing to enter the workplace themselves. 

The scheme is designed to match up students from the Anglia Ruskin University (in their second year) with people in relevant jobs who can help them gain an understanding of their work environment, its culture, its expectations, its demands and even its frustrations.  This is where you come in!  

Could you help an Anglia Ruskin student get a realistic picture of the workplace, the opportunities - and obstacles - they're likely to face? 

Find out more from Katie Morris at the next JCI training session on 13 September 2011

Venue: Eversheds, Kett House, Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JY
Date: 13th Sep, 2011
Time: 6:30pm
Price: Free for members and first timers, £15 all others


For directions to the venue click here

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