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21st Feb, 2013

Pub Club is back!
by Laura Wing on February 21, 2013 15:23


Following the huge success of JCI Cambridge Pub Clubs in 2012, our first club night of 2013 is being held on Tuesday 12 March at another of Cambridge’s hidden gems - The Geldart.

Blog » Social events » The Geldart.jpg

Situated on the corner of Ainsworth and Sleaford Street, The Geldart offers an eclectic range of real English ales, continental lagers and more whiskies than you can shake a stick at. For those coming straight from work and in need of sustenance, The Geldart is renowned for its ‘hot rocks’ and offers a selection of speciality meats, including alligator and bison! There are plenty of vegetarian options too, as well as a range of mouth watering desserts.

JCI Pub Club events provide members with the chance to network in a less formal atmosphere than our monthly business training events. The aim of the Pub Club is to promote real ales and English ciders (NOT cidre!) and to support the niche local community pubs that are the real hidden gems of Cambridge. Both members new and old attend the events to renew and develop friendships, as well as to talk the night away over a fine beverage or two.

Join us on 12 March from 18.30 at The Geldart, 1 Ainsworth Street, Cambridge CB1 2PF. If you have any questions about the night, please email



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18th Feb, 2013

JCI Cambridge graduates from JCI UK's Marketing Academy!
by Laura Wing on February 18, 2013 22:06


Over the weekend of  9 and 10 February, the JCI Cambridge marketing team attended the JCI UK Marketing Academy in Birmingham. The 4.30am start and service station with no vegetarian option were the only lowlights of what was otherwise a fantastic learning experience for the team. They share exactly what it was that stood out for them...

Blog » National Events » JCI Cambridge Marketing Academy graduates 2013!.jpg

Kelly Tennick

The thing that stood out for me the most over the marketing weekend was the importance of continuity within branding and how important it is to create a solid, seamless image for your business or organisation. I realised that branding is about more than just a logo and a few pretty colours! It provides an insight to who you are and defines your organisation, allowing you to stand out and create awareness in a way that supports the core values of the company.

With regards to social media, I began to see that it is much more than just a platform for ‘blank advertising’ and that it should be about socialising with your audience and getting them engaged with your brand rather than just constantly trying to sell things to them blindly. I understood the importance of continuing solid branding through to social media to provide a professional ‘face’ when communicating to existing and potential customers.

Finally, I learned that measuring your success is so important. In order to be able to streamline, adapt and grow your business or organisation and your brand, you need to know if what you are doing is working or not. Once you know this, you can scrap what is unsuccessful, put more energy to what works well and adapt weak areas to get better results in the future.

Naily Mak

I’ve just graduated from JCI Marketing Academy class of 2013. The training session was interactive and the trainers were “ace” and very energetic. Most activities were based on real challenges faced in our chambers. It gave us the chance to use the principles learnt to address them. We also had the pleasure to meet Anna Gril, JCI Europe vice-president, who gave a brief history of JCI origins.

The training session covered branding, social media, multimedia and more. It was interesting to hear about how to devise strategies to leverage the power of social media in order to raise the profile of an individual or an organisation. When commenting on the increasing usefulness of video content, Philip Cavalier-Lumley couldn’t have put it any better: “It’s just like garlic bread, it’s the next thing.” The session highlighted what we should be aware of when creating a promotional video that not only fits its purpose, but also adheres to JCI guidelines.

Other interesting tips included taking picture in a landscape format, and ensuring that they are at least one megabyte in size.

This weekend has been a success. I came back feeling positive and more confident about tackling my new role in JCI.

Laura Wing

The JCI UK Marketing Academy provided an excellent opportunity to share best practice and ideas with other JCI marketing directors from all over the country. Different techniques yield different results depending on your chamber, your members and of course, your marketing directors!

I was really impressed with the attitude of the group and its members; everyone was willing to get stuck in and help each other learn. It was particularly exciting that the whole JCI Cambridge marketing team was in attendance. We will now be able to draw on the knowledge gained from the weekend to form the basis of our plans over the next 12 months. 

There are some areas of marketing I am more confident with. For example, I know little about video, but was excited to see Naily getting involved and showing a interest in how we could make this work in our own chamber. Having experience in PR in my day job, it was great to be able to bolster what our trainers were telling us about the subject. It felt good to share the knowledge! 

JCI Cambridge cannot thank JCI UK and its trainers enough for the weekend. We learnt so much and came back to Cambridge ready to tackle our marketing challenges!

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4th Feb, 2013

JCI Cambridge kicks off the year in style with our ‘big weekend’!
by James Mitchell on February 4, 2013 13:00


Over the weekend of 26 and 27 January, JCI Cambridge welcomed members from across the country to the elegant Jesus College for what was aptly named ‘The Big Weekend’! Compromising of Inspiration Day, JCI Cambridge’s first Annual Gala Dinner, and Business Skills Day, the pressure was on to deliver an amazing event.

Events » Business events » Big Weekend 2013 » 216180_603930132957131_1185122047_n.jpgAs the first national event held by JCI Cambridge since it reformed just three years ago, we needed to show the rest of the UK we are a professional chamber capable of showing our guests a good time. An amazing effort was made by the JCI Cambridge council. Lead by immediate past president Patrick McCrae and unstoppable 2013 president James Mitchell, ‘The Big Weekend’ proved to be a huge success.

Inspiration Day is the first national event of each JCI year and is designed to get members informed, enthused and inspired about plans and goals for the year ahead. Delegates were able to catch up with the national board, attend talks from fantastic keynote speakers, see old friends and meet new members. The day started with introductions from members of the national board about their plans and projects for the year ahead. Headed by 2013 president Emma Eastwood, the morning brought everyone up to speed about the opportunities available in the coming year. We also saw the handing over of a cheque to ‘Save The Children’ raised by members who took part in the £1 a day food challenge at the beginning of the year.

Events » Business events » Big Weekend 2013 » 314829_603931669623644_368941346_n.jpgAfter a short break, we were treated to the first talk of the day from keynote speaker Patrick Knight. Presenting ‘Kick start your chamber’, Patrick delighted and inspired us with his tried and tested techniques to engage and activate current members, spread the word of JCI positively to the wider community and appeal to new members. Patrick was able to relate to the issues chambers face when trying to promote, engage and grow their membership and profile, and provided useful, targeted actions that every chamber could apply.

Events » Business events » Big Weekend 2013 » 391247_603933136290164_1700741685_n.jpgFollowing lunch, JCI Cambridge organised a treasure hunt to provide attendees with an opportunity to explore Cambridge. Delegates explored the city in teams, following a map and searched for answers to mini riddles, whilst looking for an opportune moment to take a winning JCI-themed photo. The hunt provided everyone with a light-hearted break, exercise and fresh air.



Events » Business events » Big Weekend 2013 » 521686_603932366290241_462054159_n.jpgPatrick Knight once again took to the stage, this time to tell us about his personal journey. Having worked hard to find career success and establish himself as an international speaker, Patrick thought his life could not get any better. Finding out his wife was pregnant with their first child was the icing on the cake. However, this happiness was quickly dashed when Patrick and his family were the victims of the famous ‘Thanksgiving Day massacre’ resulting in Patrick being shot. He was in a coma for three months before having to learn to move his whole body and speak again - without his wife and unborn child, who were devastatingly murdered on that fatal day.

Such a devastating, personal and inspiring story meant there was not a dry eye in the house. Patrick shared his story beautifully, really hitting home to everybody that you never know what is around the corner. The cornerstone of the story for most people was when Patrick described that sometimes you can never forget, or move on from an incident such as this, but you can decide how you carry the experience with you. He explained that he carries his experience and memories of the event as a ‘medal’ on his chest, as a proud, poignant reminder of what happened, and what he has achieved since of the experience. 

Events » Business events » Big Weekend 2013 » 533845_603932799623531_17422363_n.jpgA short round up of the day followed before Inspiration Day was officially closed and delegates retired to their hotels to prepare for the Gala Dinner. Returning to Jesus College for 7pm, delegates were treated to a delightful drinks reception where we saw the second cheque of the day being handed to our charity of 2012, Arthur Rank Hospice. A total of £2400 was raised throughout 2012 in a myriad of different ways meaning we, exceeded our £2012 target.


Events » Business events » Big Weekend 2013 » 25932_603936292956515_965253099_n.jpgAttendees then enjoyed a three course meal during which several ‘taking of wine’ toasts took place to raise money for charity. After several speeches, the ‘handing over’ of the presidents chain took place as Patrick McCrae handed over the reins to James Mitchell for 2013. Copious amounts of wine, gorgeous food and an exquisite venue ensured everybody had a superb evening. For those that could keep going, an exciting after party was booked at Cambridge’s best club, Lola Lo’s. Needless to say, people were still partying at 3am!


Business Skills Day kicked off on Sunday with a few short networking tasks, and a choice of two speakers. Garin Rouch presented ‘Building better business relationships’ covering topics such as the six principles of influence and how to apply these skills to be a better leader, as well as looking at our own ‘influence maps’.

Marcus Orlovsky offered delegates the opportunity to ask advice on any topics they felt useful, as well as discussing his career background and how he notices opportunities for business.

James Mitchell brought the weekend to a close ensuring everyone left feeling inspired, enthused and invigorated for the year ahead. An amazing event from JCI Cambridge to start 2013 - here’s to the year ahead and to next year’s Gala Dinner!

Events » Business events » Big Weekend 2013 » 479914_603936622956482_684433521_n.jpg


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1st Feb, 2013

JCI Cambridge welcomes young award winning entrepreneur
by James Mitchell on February 1, 2013 16:25


Passionate businessman Jamie Dunn will be the first guest speaker of 2013 at JCI’s monthly business seminars on Tuesday 12 February.

Although only 20 years old, Jamie Dunn has achieved a huge amount in his short career. He joins the Cambridge chapter to talk about mentoring - a topic that is close to the chamber’s heart.

Jamie will be sharing his personal career journey that saw him start his first business at the tender age of 12. He applied to Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones’ National Enterprise Academy where he was chosen from thousands to be mentored by Peter and his team. He gained invaluable knowledge from the top business people in the UK and decided to share his experience with others upon graduating.

Jamie set up a course to help teenagers get into business and has helped over 800 people enhance their grades and career prospects.

Having expanded his business across 16 countries and been recognised as one of the Top Young Entrepreneurs in the World, Jamie will share his top tips on how to get the best from mentoring, both as a mentor and as a mentee.

Join Jamie on 12 February from 18.30 at Eversheds, 1 Station Road, Cambridge CB1 2JY. Visit to register your place.

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