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31st May, 2012

JCI Cambridge’s charity of the year for 2012 is the Arthur Rank Hospice.  So in early May some of the committee went to visit the main centre.  Lucy Day, one of the Arthur Rank spokespeople talked about how they work, their excellent care both in the centre and through the ‘Hospice At Home’ initiative which helps them reach and help so many local Cambridge residents who are suffering with terminal illnesses.

JCI Cambridge visiting Arthur Rank Hospice

Arthur Rank excel not only in providing care for their patients, but to their families too.  In fact, they have been known to train the Marie Curie nurses as well!  What was clear from our tour was that they have so much more they want to give.  This depends on two strands: voluntary help and raising money.

This year JCI Cambridge, in associate with the Gold Challenge 2012, will raise £2012 in sponsorship by travelling (by all means) a distance of 2012km for Arthur Rank Hospice.  We are also dedicating our charity time to put in hours to help at the hospice. 

If you are interested in volunteering, helping with the fund raising, getting involved in the 2012 challenge, or just want to hear more about the great work Arthur Rank do, just contact

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