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19th Jul, 2011

LinkedIn: Setting up a good profile
by James Mitchell on July 19, 2011 14:40


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Are you making the most of your LinkedIn account? Jo Evans from Emerald Frog Marketing explains how you can make the most of your online networking.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business tools on the web. And it's free! By using LinkedIn for just a few minutes daily you will become more searchable on the internet, increase your business connections and promote your brand online.

LinkedIn has really taken off in recent months and, used properly, can increase your leads and contacts.

Here are our top tips to maximise your LinkedIn profile:

  • Ensure that you have set a good personal profile. This will be the first thing people read so is worth spending a bit of time over.
  • Summarise your key skills and experience in the "Summary" section and select keywords that will be picked up in searches
  • Make sure you include a sensible photograph!
  • When adding your web address, select "other" so that the address itself appears on your profile
  • Contact some former colleagues/customers and ask them to write you a recommendation
  • If someone you wish to connect with has a blue number "2″ after their name, it means that they are already connected to one of your contacts - so have a look at your shared connections. You can ask your contact to "introduce" you to that person, which is much better etiquette than sending them a request out of the blue.
  • If you do not want other people seeing who you are connected to, then go to "Settings" then "Connections browse" and turn off the public view. This is especially important if you have confidentiality sensitive customers.
  • If you do not wish to know whose profile you have been looking at, go to "Settings" and then "Profile Views" and go invisible!
  • Make a point of updating your status everyday so you appear in people's newsfeeds. Don't forget, this is not Facebook - so keep it professional. Perhaps, where you are going or the project you are working on that day.
  • You can also set up a company profile so people can keep track of your news and blogs 

Now you have your LinkedIn profile set up, make sure you promote it! Add a "widget" to your website, connect with  those you meet at networking events and search for events in your area.

Oh, and most importantly, make sure that you join the JCI Cambridge LinkedIn group and contribute to discussions. It's a great way to network with members of the group online and see details of forthcoming events.

JCI Cambridge's President (and resident LinkedIn expert!) will soon be running a special interest group on LinkedIn for this space!



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7th Jul, 2011

Punts, Pimms and Partying - The JCI Cambridge Summer Party
by James Mitchell on July 7, 2011 13:27


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July 2nd was the JCI Cambridge Summer Party. If you didn't go, you missed out!

Patrick McCrae, JCI Cambridge Committee Member and Director of Works in Print  gives us the low down on how the day progressed.

Meeting at Corpus Christi clock probably wasn't the best idea of the evening, but it certainly set a precedent for loud, expensive, shiny things. 

A quick stroll down to the punts and we were on it.  No, literally, we were.  Five O'clock means JCI Cambridge Pimm's a go-go.  Delighting in the information gleaned from our punter.  We now all know about the Night Crawler's Santa Hats, why Queens' College is so name and all about Prince Charles and his bodyguards.  

Not long after disembarking the punt Jen, the JCI President, me, the VP, and Lisa the ascending, were seated in hierarchical order in the Cambridge Union.  A brief history of the place was given, famous speakers listed off, but we were all keen to get on and make some cocktails.  Of course it really went downhill from here. 

Gin Martini

Something that tasted like cake

And Mojito.

All brilliant and all made by us.  Wasn't long until we'd left the allocated room and found ourselves moving garden furniture outside to make our own little JCI cocktail bench.  Lovely. 

Not wanting to miss our reservation at Cambridge's fine Crowne Plaza we trotted off and sat down to a salubrious three course meal.  Melon, Pork and then something delicious.  It was getting quite late by the time we'd all finished discussing the finer points of the JCI Creed, so we decided it was probably time to head over to Lololola, Cambridge's newest (and frankly best) club. 

VIP entry of course (they even took my sunglasses into the cloakroom).  Well, up the stairs we went into the main room where cocktails were served in carved our Easter Island heads.  It had a real Tiki feel.  Basically amazing.  

Of course the rest of the evening is really a blur, because it went with such speed.  Snippets: excellent service, Tiki Beats, massive sound system failure, JCI committee all getting down and grinding, broken glass, high-end free BBQ on the terrace, more dancing, cigarettes, more dancing, the return of my sunglasses!  Various chance meetings for some members of our party....!  Macdonald's.  Taxi.  Sleeping in the car.  Bed.  Is everyone still alive?  Yes.  Brilliant.

Another wonderful party hosted, presented, funded and recounted by JCI Cambridge. 

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