What our members say

Nick Culley, Pure Resourcing Solutions, JCI Cambridge 

I joined JCI as having worked in Cambridge for 15 years I recognise the importance of developing a strong network of contacts. Networking is something I enjoy and I believe that aside from making new friends, JCI will help me to further develop my own network. I also believe that my own networking strengths could be of benefit to the group. Although I have only recently joined, the group seem a friendly, sociable bunch and very welcoming".

Doug Selmes, Steelblue Communications, JCI Cambridge 

First and foremost I joined JCI because it was recommended to me by someone I trusted. This recommendation promised a young and vibrant group of entrepreneurs and business people all eager to learn new skills and advance their particular business or career. All of which turned out to be true. The JCI is relatively inexpensive to join, unlike other networking and business groups, and you certainly get value for money! With regular meetings you have ample opportunity to network with a friendly, approachable bunch of people. One of the things I enjoy most about these regular meetings are the excellent speakers who cover all sorts of topics and provide me with loads of inspiration. I'm a relatively new JCI member so still have to sample the extensive training opportunities available, the national and international gatherings and a Turbo Thursday! 

Jen Little, Pure Resourcing Solutions, JCI Cambridge

I can honestly say that being a member of JCI has had a dramatic impact on my life! I have met some fantastic people who I know will be lifelong friends and have gained some great skills. I attended JCI Presenter and Trainer courses which have helped within the work arena as well as giving me more confidence! 

James Mitchell, Momentum, JCI Cambridge

Having joined JCI in 2010, it has really changed my life! From all the motivational speakers and training events JCI has given me all the tools and confidence to set up my own company. It has given me amazing opportunities to travel and meet people from all over the world! I would highly recommend anyone looking to grow their social and business network, come along to the next event and get involved!


Jo Evans, Emerald Frog Marketing, JCI Cambridge 

I joined JCI Cambridge after my first visit and I instantly loved the buzz and energy of the group. The speakers and training opportunities are excellent value for money and it's one of the only groups in Cambridge that supports young entrepeneurs and business owners like myself. As the group is growing I have expanded my network of business contacts and also made some very good friends!

Patrick McCrae, Works In Print, JCI Cambridge 

I joined JCI soon after I started by business.  Initially this was mainly to build a network of professional contacts, but having been involved now about a year, I have learned JCI can offer so much more: training, international opportunities and agroup of self-selecting and like-minded friends!"

Sarah Peachey, Begbies Traynor, JCI Cambridge  

I joined JCI about a year ago and I don't regret it for a second. I have met some great people, some who have passed me work and some who I have made as good friends. I enjoy the seminars, JCI always has a good, interesting speaker who is influential and you always leave having learnt something new! I didn't know much about JCI when I joined but I wanted to get to know more people in Cambridge and it isn't expensive for all the training you receive. I have watched JCI grow and it has such a friendly environment. I will definitely be renewing my membership and I hope to meet even more people as it continues to grow with great success.

Gavin Harper. Harpers Online, JCI Cambridge 

I joined JCI for several reasons. After attending a couple of JCI speaking events I found the speakers to be excellent, well informed and educational. JCI's relaxed and friendly atmosphere appealed to me more than some other 'hard selling' groups and I like the fact that its a young vibrant group that cover a wide range of industries and backgrounds.There always seems to be plenty going on, with a lot of high quality training events available to members that would be very expensive to find elsewhere.