What we do nationally

JCI UK organises a calendar of national events where members come together to share, learn and grow.

Every year JCI UK hosts Inspiration day (January) and the National convention (November/December) which includes training, debating and public speaking competitions as well as being a lot of fun.

JCI UK also encourages local chambers to take part in national projects. For example a new community project, launched in 2009, asked for members from local chambers to write and executive a business plan to increase seed funding of £50 to help raise funds for the Prince's Trust.

Build a national network 

By attending national events you'll get to know more people and increase your personal network. Both by attending events and training weekends such as JCI trainer you'll build your network. Don't wait too long, just do it! JCI members are open minded and will welcome you to their home chamber. JCI UK welcomes all young professionals to join for national events, conferences and training weekends.

If you'd like to find out more about the national projects and events you can get involved in please contact the JCI UK National board.

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