Regional, National & International conferences

As a JCI member, you have the opportunity to attend several JCI conferences throughout the year. The two biggest are the European Conference and World Congress. JCI UK sends a large delegation to both. If you go along, you will:

  • see the big picture of JCI and learn how it works
  • bond with the people you’re travelling with 
  • expand your network as you meet many international JCI members 
  • make friends with open-minded, supportive people who will encourage you to reach your goals
  • have an enormous amount of fun.

Conferences offer high-quality training, lectures and keynote speeches (often on topics such as leadership, management and entrepreneurship).

They also lay on social events. During big conferences, different JCI countries host the evening parties. You could find yourself tasting sushi at the Japanese night, tucking into smørrebrød at the Danish party and slaking your thirst with sangria at the Catalonian evening.

JCI members find that conferences are a fantastic investment. You’ll come back feeling energized, inspired, and with a bulging contacts book.

Here’s a promise: once you’ve been to one, you’ll want to go again.


The JCI conferences and events

JCI UK Inspiration Day
The first national event in the JCI UK calendar (January). Meet the national board team and get to know members from around the UK. Includes inspiring keynote speakers and activities to get you motivated for the New Year.

JCI UK President & Deputies day
National board meets with presidents and deputies from all over the UK. The event is open for all members to attend.

JCI UK National convention
Held in November, this is a celebration of the year. Includes an awards ceremony, gala dinner as well as some great training and activities.

European Conference (EC)

Usually held in early June, this lasts about four days. Pre-tours of the host country are usually available if you want to do somesightseeing beforehand. Ends with a large gala dinner (a great opportunity to get dressed up!)

Africa and Middle East, Asia Pacific and Americas conferences
The equivalent to the European Conference. A number of members from the UK and Europe usually go.

World Congress (WC)
Similar to European Conference, but on a much larger scale. A great cultural experience and the opportunity to see speakers and trainers of international repute. Usually held in late November. World Congress tends to last five or six days, but can be extended with various additional tours etc.

JCI Global Partnership Summit
Held in New York, this celebrates the partnership between the UN and JCI. Usually held in June or July. The conference is quite business-focused around how JCI can help implement the UN Millennium Development Goals. Each conference usually has a specific UN theme.

JCI Know-How-Transfer at European parliament 
A smaller conference where you can shadow a member of the European Parliament for a couple of days. You’ll attend meetings with the MEP and experience European politics first-hand. Contact JCI UK's International Director for more information.

Crayfish party
This tradition is over 50 years old and is held in Halmstad, Sweden. You’ll go to a traditional Swedish crayfish party at a JCI member’s home. It’s great fun, and you’ll learn more about this very old Swedish tradition. During the day, you can go to the beach and play games and listen to seminars.

European Capital Meeting (ECM)
An informal event that offers the chance to explore a different capital city each year, as well as mingle, eat and drink. JCI London hosted ECM in 2008, 2009 JCI Luxembourg  and 2010 it took place in Stockholm. The ECM 2011 was in Tallin and 2012 it's in Bern, Switzerland.

Austria’s COC academy
A couple of delegates from each JCI country attend this training weekend for Conference Organising Committees, usually in April. They learn how to organise a successful conference.

European Academy
Held in Sweden, this prepares local deputy presidents of JCI chapters for their year as local president. The summer event focuses on team-building/management and planning. Each JCI Europe country can send three delegates.

Twinning events
JCI chapters or national JCI organisations are twinned with others around the world. Some meet up to exchange ideas and make new friends.

Japan Academy
The 10-day long Japan Academy (July) is for the Deputy National Presidents of each JCI country in the world. The conference provides training and support for the future national JCI presidents. The trip includes a two-day home stay with a Japanese family.

European President Meeting
This smaller conference, usually held in February, is for the Presidents and Deputies of the national organisations in Europe. The focus is on the national organisations’ plans for the year and how the different JCI countries in Europe can help each other and share best practice.